Tuesday, 11 August 2015

What has changed...

Greetings, It is James again...
It is the year 2015, so that means I am twelve, thirteen in January...
Not a lot has changed lately, but the stuff that has I will be writing about here;

1. I am writing a book,
Well, I have been writing a lot of books. But due to copyright reasons, I had to abandon those ideas. The book I am writing is about a Boy, (Known to the reader as Boy-Wild) whose life is normal at the start of the book, but later on, he realises he is connected to nature. That means that he is the guardian of the forest and anything to do with the Wild... But, of course, because Nature will live forever that means that Boy-Wild will live forever...

2. I have gotten into Scooting,
Yeah, Skating wasn't really my thing. I still have it, but I use it mainly for travel reasons. I have started Scooting at the skatepark. I cannot land any tricks yet (other than a 180) but I can go down all the ramps exception of one... I have met loads of new friends there, however I do not know their names. One of them is called Cooper. I have known him for about two weeks, but he is moving to Canada in three days.

3. We've got a dog!!
We actually got our dog in 2012. Her name is Willow. She is a double chocolate Labrador, and nearly two years old. `

4. My girlfriend,
I have a girlfriend. I think I actually got together with her in 1012. I cannot tell you her name, as she wishes to remain anonymous. I can tell you one thing about her:
She is a tomboy. Most boys will rather date a girl with a pierced belly button, wears crop-tops all day and ripped jeans... I am not that kind of boy... I prefer a girl that does good, rather than looks good. (And my girlfriend actually looks beautiful)

5. Me,
I have just realised, I haven't told you what I look like! Here is a description.
I have loads of bushy brown hair that looks more like a small hedge than anything else. I have strong arms, covered with cuts where I have fallen out of a tree, or off my scooter. I have blue eyes, long eyelashes and  bushy eyebrows. I have basic sized legs and size eight and a half feet.

And that is pretty much all that's changed...

I will see you later,



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